Central Utilities - People, pg 3

Glenn Schultz looking completely at ease with the new control consoles, as the plant hums away outside The Hut


John Howe showing off his highly customized, multi-window, context key defined, "I'm really stoked" optimum display setup


Ringo happy as always, getting ready to make another critical boiler operational change


Jim Popp wearing foul weather gear, high above on a Condenser, helping to maintain peak Chiller efficiency


John Savage gets the same assignment another day, relieving Jim who likely has checked enough tubes for one season


Don Brown making some final adjustments to his work boots in the locker room


Ron Herman, looking spiffy, is right on schedule to leave as another work day comes to an end


And now for some of our retired friends, and etc.....

Retired Assistant Chief Bob Thompson sporting a stiff new Carhart out in the coalyard,
posed in front of the crane as it prepares to hoist pieces for #3 stack


Boilermaker Hank Felschow watching over Mark Felschow to make sure his welding is up to standards as they strive to hold the place together


Electrician Don Flood, hard at work with a handfull of drawings, during an early installation phase of the NetWork 90 system


Your humble web host Jim Mahoney, sitting at the system engineering space, contemplating his next move


Hold it!! That doesn't look like Central Utilities, no it's....

John 'The Skipper' Howe and Ed Gossling at North Pond on Galloo Island, at the east end of Lake Ontario,
serving up another tasty shore dinner highlighting their unique yet functional serving platter


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