Norway Trip - August 1 - 7, 2007
Magic Pie at Subtatcto Fest, Oslo

We travelled to Norway in August 2007 to attend the first Subtacto progressive music festival along with a few friends. The line-up included Magic Pie, Retroheads plus four other bands, with Saga headlining. Just how we ended up there began brewing several years Sept 2004 we were at a small, local prog fest in Rochester, called Prog In The Park. Among other friends there, we hung out with Norm and Matt from Chicago. During the day they introduced us to George Roldan who suggested we should consider attending his festival held in Phoenixville, Pa., called Rites of Spring Festival or ROSfest for short. Sue and I talked about it over the winter, decided to go, and in April 2005 went and had a blast.

So attending 2006 ROSfest the following year was a given!! In 2006 while partying at the hotel we happened to meet some fellows from Magic Pie. We had been listening to their cd, Motions of Desire, as the fest date approached, so were delighted to meet them beforehand. We chatted quite a while, then the next morning they played the first slot at 11am, and absolutely blew the doors off the Colonial theatre and wowed everyone inside. Magic Pie ruled!!! In fact they performed so well and were so popular with the ROSfest family they were invited back in 2007.

So now flash forward to Friday April 27, 2007 and as we arrived at the Sheraton to check in to the hotel, who should be there all climbing into a van, but Magic Pie. It was greetings all around and it felt like we had never parted, they are such great people!! The release party for their new cd was beginning shortly at Jester's in Phoenixville so they had to be going. We promised to follow along as soon as we checked in, and they resumed piling in the van. As I headed for the lobby, Kenny Solomon asked if we might be able to drive a fellow up to Phoenixville when we were ready to go. I said sure, and was introduced to Tore Bo of Retroheads. He was from the other Norwegian band also performing this weekend. Moments later Tore, jumped in our van and we took off for Phoenixville and on the way we made another Norwegian friend.

Over the weekend, we were able to chat with our Magic Pie friends quite a bit and also got to know the Retroheads as well. At one point Magic Pie suggested we come over to Norway to see them play the Subtacto fest in August. We said we'd think about it...but soon after getting home from ROSfest we decided to go for it and purchased plane tickets. Soon after, three other ROSfest folks decided to join in the fun as well: Dale from Chicago, Kenny from Florida, and Janie from New York City. We got on various planes on Aug 1st and began winging our way to Oslo, Norway.

And what a trip we had!!! Sue and I can't thank the Magic Pie enough for encouraging us to make the journey as we had an absolutely fabulous time. The following pictures will lead you through this marvellous adventure, all thanks to Magic Pie, the band members, their families and friends and the Retroheads who all treated us like royalty thoughout our visit!!

August 2 - Arrive in Norway via Iceland, stop at Holmkollen on way from Airport to Moss, visit Erling, then to Eirik's on Moss Island, then to Kim & Lene for Bar-B-Q attended by all Magic Pie plus four of the Retroheads

Airport to Holmkollen
Holmkollen to Moss
Visit with Erling and Anni
Drive to Moss Island
Kim's Bar-B-Que

August 3 - visit Roed Farm on the Island where Gilbert's studio is and where Magic Pie recorded both releases; then to Moss for a walk about, then to Erling's for dinner, then off to the gig at Queen's Pub in Moss.

Roed Farm, Gilbert's Studio
Walk about Moss
Dinner at Erling's, meet Tam and Cheryl
Magic Pie gig at Queen's Pub, Moss

August 4 - Eirik's accomodations, train to Oslo, walk up Karl Johans gate, tube to Subtacto fest location, Subtacto Fest with Tr-Ond & The Suburban Savages, Retroheads, Black Bonzo, Magic Pie, Host & Saga

Where we stayed
From Moss to Oslo by train
Subtacto Prog Fest, Oslo

August 5 - after unloading gear at the studio, stop by JT's house, then over to Runa's for a Norwegian dinner, then walk a few blocks to Kim & Lene's house to end the night

JT's Magic Pie Museum
Dinner at Runa's
Stop by Kim & Lene's

August 6 - Do the Oslo tourist scene, catch train from Moss, visit the King's palace, then tube and walk through Oslo to Vigeland Park, then more tube and walk to Oslo Harbor, boat ride to Kon-Tiki Museum island, then back to Oslo Harbor for some lunch and shopping, then on train to Moss, but stop at Vestby for Bar-B-Q at Tore Bo and Ann-Kristin's summer property on the fjord.

Train from Moss to Oslo, visit King's Palace
Walk thru Oslo
Vigeland Park
Walk Oslo to Harbor
Oslo Harbor, take boat to island
Vist Kon-Tiki Museum on island in harbor
Stroll Oslo Harbor and have lunch
Train from Oslo to Vestby
Tore Bo and Ann-Kristin's Bar-B-Q

August 7 - say our last goodbye's to Moss and Gilbert at Moss Park then hop on bus to the airport.

Say goodbye to Moss and Gilbert at Park before catching Bus
Bus ride to Oslo airport

Using a much better camera then I, our buddy Dale posted his Norway pictures and also wrote an excellent memoir of the trip.

**** Be sure to look for Magic Pie at your favorite CD outlet and check out their web page or home on myspace. ****

Jim & Sue Mahoney